Cllr. Kelleher gets commitment from the Chief Executive re Rate Payer’s

Following on from a recommendation by Cllr Kelleher to introduce and early settlement discount on the first €3000 of rates paid by Rate payers who pay there rates earlier the Chief Executive has given a commitment to explore this during 2015. Cllr Kelleher has accepted this as there is no change to the rates paid by rate payers in 2015.

The last number of years have been though on business and the overall Rate reduction for the county is welcome insofar as it recognises the burden  bore by business thought out the difficult years just past.  The 8 year harmonisation is important due to the 12.5% increase in rates in Killarney town, I personally would have preferred the full 10 years but in the circumstances 8 years is a lot better than the 4 recommended at the start of the budget process.

Let’s increase the amount collected by rate payers by creating an environment for people to start business and create employment then we’ll win and have long term gains as a county as a whole.



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